2015 wage change levy several places (March-November period)

● In other places Period:
At least one month

● Benefits:
In other places - serves breakfast + lunch + dinner + accommodation, Wi-Fi.

● work content (8 hours in the early evening shift system):
Room service meals, clean sweep, wash the plate, finishing housekeeping, reception visitor, finishing surroundings
● Application Information:
Need to prepare a resume, photo MAIL to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
In other places to work if you have any questions direct message LINE ID: 8065j9 or call please call: 0961008829

1. In other places who can carry on their own computer, there is WIFI can use ~
2. We change places with those who have a short break-in period, during work to change places hope you can understand mutual tolerance, and will be based on interaction between the two sides is good or not, and decide whether to continue to change places.

While working to change places not work properly, there is no employment relationship with the B & B, but also a certain extent, work experience, and it is working like room cleaning and the reception is indeed not simple nor easy. Bed and Breakfast boss asks you to wipe clean point, folding neat point for guests and so is very normal polite smile, not his requirements, which is to do the most basic requirements "tourism / hotel industry" is.
Anybody home less housework, after the first world class body casual contempt already. And you afraid of hard Pareto, just want to "experience", it is better to do more housework at home now.
If you want to stay relaxed and free to play, I just say the world is no free lunch. Or pay more money to travel comfortably better.